Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Raising Goats - Why?

A good beginner animal
Raising Goats is a great way to get into animals! They are a smaller animal, not as hard to handle as some other types, and many people enjoy showing goats at their local fair. For children it gives a great sense of responsibility and helps them to cultivate that sense.

Many people consider goats great companion animals. Goats are warm, fuzzy and loving, what more can you ask for? Goats come in all sorts of colors and sizes, so many to choose from! Goats make a great pet that can be taught to do simple tricks and fun antics that will delight everyone who sees them perform.

Another benefit of raising goats is getting the milk. Goat's milk is great to drink (not at all salty like some people think), made into silky goat's milk soap, or into smooth skin lotion that does wonders on your skin. Why make it yourself? Go check the prices at your local health food market!

Just remember the previous reason! You can sell your creations at local stores for a big profit. While you cannot sell the goat's milk without a milk license and inspections, there are so many things that can be made out of goat's milk that sell for very good prices.


Shari said...

Years ago we raised one female goat. It was an adventure and a great experience for my two young boys. We sold "Josey" to a farmer when she got to breeding age because her personality changed from sweet to incredibly naughty on a regular two-week cycle. Still, it made for great photos and memories we still chuckle over.

Caroline said...

We are thinking of getting a couple goats. We are a family of 5 mom, dad and 3 boys ages -15, 14, and 9. We currently have cows but think the goats would be more cost effective. I have so many questions Do you really need a milker stand you know the wooden stand that the goats feed on while they are being milked - or could you just milk them like a cow? Silly question I know -but hey I would like to know before I jump in.