Monday, August 27, 2007

Raising Goats with a Minimal Amount of Chemical Products

Many people who raise goats also prefer to raise them as naturally as possible and avoid chemical products. You may choose to do this with your goats as well.

Why go natural? If you are sensitive to chemicals you may wish to avoid them, and treat your goats the way you would yourself; for a more natural milk, if you are raising goats for their milk; and especially if you are raising meat goats, many prefer to avoid chemicals for the better quality and taste of the meat. It is also better for the environment to avoid using chemicals when raising goats.
Ultimately it is up to you; there are advantages and disadvantages to both ways.

Here are some tips on raising goats without chemicals:
  • There are many online stores that specialize in goat supplements and natural herbal wormers.
  • Garlic is a natural wormer and many goats actually like the taste.
  • Supplementing with a fresh carrot daily provides more one-on-one time with your goat(s) and is beneficial to overall health.


Irish Sallygardens said...

We rotate our goats grazing to break the worm cycle every 6 weeks.

I add garden mint to their bedding to help keep lice away.

love goats, love your site, I hope you keep it up.

Clover Cottage said...

Thanks so much for your informative posts. I am still unpacking boxes in our new country home, but am considering the purchase of a few goats. I appreciate your site so much that I linked to you in my blog at

I am a new blogger and would appreciate any feedback!